Based in the historic city of York we hand build guitars and accessories from the bottom up.
Our aim is to create professional quality instruments at an affordable price.
building instruments one at a time means we can bring you a completely hand built guitar which can be customized from the concept stages right through the build process. It also means we can offer you professional quality, unique instruments at a price to compete with some of the bigger names.
By making as many parts ourselves as possible we ensure that everything works perfectly together to create the look, feel and sound that we as musicians ourselves would want from our own instruments


'Made to be played'

at 4th Avenue Guitars we know that tradition often plays a big part in the design of musical instruments. We don't 'do it this way, because that's how its always been done'. We try to figure out why the traditional methods and features are still used, where and how they can be improved and create a truly unique instrument which not only looks beautiful, but makes you want to pick it up and play.

Often using chambered body designs,  premium quality modern hardware and our own custom wound pickups enables us to individually tailor each instrument and get the best from the hand selected timbers used.


'It's all in the details'

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail. Every part of a 4th Avenue guitar is designed to enhance the look, feel and sound of the instrument.

Every instrument comes fitted with Dunlop STRAPLOK® strap retainers as standard, so you can let the music take you wherever it likes, safe in the knowledge that your guitar will stay with you for the whole ride.

Our custom guitar stands are designed to compliment each guitar without distracting from the beauty of the instrument, so you can choose to show it off, or keep it safe in the hard case provided with every guitar.


'Let the wood find its voice'

We know that the wood used to build a guitar has a big impact, not only on the look of the instrument, but also the feel and sound.

Every one of our guitars is built from hand selected timbers, chosen specifically to shape the sound of the finished instrument, whilst our stains and oil finishes enhance the beauty that can only be created by nature.

Multilaminate necks provide a stable and tactile playing surface, with the carefully chosen laminates and veneers, ensuring that the instrument looks just as stunning from every angle.


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